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Imagine: you are out on your motorcycle, feeling at one with the road, wind in your face, gradually rolling on the accelerator.  You are no longer riding just a motorcycle. The machine is an extension of you as you enjoy the ride. Manipulating a motorcycle in traffic and on the open road requires total command of your body, intense concentration, and your ability to skillfully coordinate the use of the throttle, brake, and clutch.  While you are negotiating and timing turns, leaning in gripping the throttle, enjoying the scenery, another driver is checking his mirrors, engaging his turn signal and preparing to take an ordinary left-hand turn, right in front of you.


Yes, to many drivers, motorcycles are seemingly invisible.  As exhilarating as the ride can be, the danger inherent to operating a motorcycle is real.  Every motorcycle accident has the potential to cause serious, if not fatal, injuries. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and sustained serious injuries such as broken bones, neck injuries, road rash or even mild to severe head injury, you need to immediately contact Marzola & Ruiz Law Group.

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