Every year, over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip or fall injury.   These Injuries can be severe and painful.  Sustaining injuries as the result of a slip, trip or fall can create a domino effect of mounting medical bills, lost wages and mental anguish.  The financial hardship on a single family can be devastating.  Who is responsible? Homeowners, landlords and business owners alike are required by law to maintain safe public premises. 


Injuries sustained from a slip or fall can not only be painful, but they can be very costly. Someone must pay.  Proof of negligence must be established.   If you have sustained severe injuries from a slip, trip or fall, the financial loss and hardship for you and your family can be far-reaching.   Nevada law gives you the right to recover that loss.  If you are injured at your workplace, a restaurant, a parking lot, or even your neighbors, it is important to obtain competent representation.  Marzola & Ruiz Law Group is here to help establish who is legally responsible, to help prove negligence and to help recover your loss.

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